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What started the idea of 'GrommieWolf'?

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Our Grands kept sending us 'TikToks'. We had no idea what they were, but went along and opened an account. Before I knew it, I was playing around with the dogs and posting short videos on the TikTok platform. It is so much fun!

Then one of the videos went viral with close to a MILLION views! A few months later, another one took off and has had close to half a MILLION views and the number of our Followers jumped up exponentially! (See those two short vids below)

Although I have been making videos and posting them on YouTube for over 17 years, I have never seen that kind of growth! I have over 800 videos on the YouTube platform. Now I am not saying they are GOOD videos, but I made them with what technology and knowledge that I had at the time.

I have volunteered for years for shelters and rescues taking videos and pics in order to help get hard to place animals adopted. (It is my firm belief that EVERY unwanted animal DESERVES at least a TWO minute video posted in an easy to access forum, in order to find a forever home) So many of the 800+ vids are of animals that desperately needed help at the time of the recordings.

My YouTube videos never did take off like the TikTok vids did, but I am determined to keep on improving my craft.

So here we are, at retirement age, starting a new exciting venture that our 'TikTik Fame' has opened the doors to. We hope we can be an inspiration and a beacon of light to those that come along behind us. My main goal is to make people feel better, be inspired, and open their eyes to that mysterious bond between humans and animals that is so wondrous.

And then, Hey- I believe that you are never to old to start new things!


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