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WhollyPup! Let me tell you about our latest venture. We are now 'ambassadors' or should I say 'ambassadogs' for Wholly Pup!

They saw us on social media and reached out to see if we might be interested in trying and sharing our experiences with their elk antlers. I thought we would be a good fit, as we have many experienced 'product testers' here at This was our first time trying them and they were a hit!

Let me tell you what we liked about them. They were clean, smooth, did not smell, well packaged, and the dogs enjoy them!

If you decide to purchase anything, we will get a % of the sale, and you will get 15% off when you use Coupon code GROMMIE15

Thanks so much for your support!

BTW- about the decorations- I decorate a month ahead for holidays as we have 'Thankmas' a month ahead for our Florida grandkids. That way they get to enjoy Christmas/Thanksgiving with us and still enjoy Christmas at home in FL. ( I know it is early for Halloween! )


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